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LiquidGym is open for one on one personal training with our Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainers

Membership and classes: Member usage of the pools will be re-evaluated when physical distancing is no longer mandated by Ottawa Public Health.

Member Orientations: currently unavailable due to physical distancing requirements mandated by Ottawa Public Health

Our classes are grouped by their focus: flexibility, cardio, and strength.

  • Flexibility: maintain an active life regardless of movement abilities and disabilities.
  • Cardio: increase the heart rate and promote increased use of oxygen in order to improve the overall body condition.
  • Strength: improve muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, resistance bands, or one’s own body weight.

Class Fees

A class pass allows you to attend any class of the same length. You may schedule as many classes in advance as you have passes currently paid for.

Number of Class Passes PurchasedAdultAdultStudent/SeniorStudent/Senior
30 minutes60 minutes30 minutes60 minutes
1$20 + tax$30 + tax$15 + tax$25 + tax
5$100 + tax$150 + tax$75 + tax$125 + tax
10 + 1 Free = 11$200 + tax$300 + tax$150 + tax$250 + tax
15 + 2 Free = 17$300 + tax$450 + tax$225 + tax$375 + tax
20 + 3 Free = 23$400 + tax$600 + tax$300 + tax$500 + tax


Having an adequate amount of flexibility will not only improve your functional and performance abilities but it will also help reduce the chances of sustaining an injury

Improving your flexibility will help you move more efficiently and allow you to perform activities of daily living with more ease

Lower Body Mobility ●○○○○

  • Class focus – all the major muscle groups starting with feet and working up to hips and low back
  • This class is for anyone looking to achieve greater range of motion within their joints and increases in muscle length
  • This class requires you to have some level of flexibility to begin with as most of the exercises are on the floor
  • Variations of stretches will be provided for different levels of individuals ensuring that everyone will get the most out of each class.
  • A variety of tools such as bands, balls and rollers are used
  • The Lower Body mobility class will be directly followed by our upper body mobility class

Class Size: 5
Frequency: 1 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Upper Body Mobility ●○○○○

  • Class focus – all the major muscles groups of the upper body with the goal of moving easier and feeling more open by the end of the class
  • This class works towards greater flexibility through shoulders and spine with the goal of improving overall posture
  • According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, improving one’s posture can help decrease wear on joints, prevent muscular pain, increase flexibility and improve shoulder and neck symptoms simply by straightening up!
  • Variations will be provided to different levels of individuals ensuring that everyone will get the most out of every class
  • A variety of tools such as bands, balls and rollers are used

Class Size: 5
Frequency: 1 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Learn to Run Faster ●●●●○

  • Are you a runner who would like to improve your race times or just become a faster, stronger runner? If you can comfortably run 8-10 km already, this class is for you.
  • The class is held once a week with the expectation participants will be running two to three times on their own during the week in addition to the class.
  • Training will involve speedwork including track workouts, hill workouts, and fartlek training to help you build your endurance and improve your running performance.
  • A group setting makes the workouts much easier and fun making the workouts more manageable than trying to do them on your own.
  • We will run 10-11 km in total during the class which will encompass warmup, interval training, and cooldown.

Frequency: 1 time a week
Length: 14 weeks
Cost: TBA (Not part of the land class pass program)

Basic TRX - Total Body Resistance Exercise ●●○○○

  • TRX is a workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to strengthen core, upper and lower body and improve balance
  • Emphasizes core conditioning as well as upper and lower body strengthening so that you can improve your overall strength and fitness
  • No TRX experience necessary

Class Size: 6
Frequency: 1 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Balance and Back Health ●○○○○

It is estimated that 80% of adults will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime (National Institute of Neurological disorders and stroke)

  • This class is suitable for anyone who is looking to develop a stronger core and relieve back pain
  • Class focus:
    – core strengthening exercises to help build stronger backs
    – reduce the chances of developing back pain
    – prevent reoccurrences of back pain
    – proper activation of the inner core muscles and develop the surrounding structures to help support and stabilize the spine
    – balance-based exercises
  • Stretching and range of motion exercises will help maintain proper movement of the spine
  • This class will require you to be comfortable with getting up and down from the floor as many exercises will be done on the floor
  • Exercise modifications will be provided for individuals ensuring that everyone gets the most out of each class

Class Size: 6
Frequency: 2 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Get Moving ●○○○○

  • Class Goal – to improve movement through muscle activation and various exercises
  • Relearn good movement fundamentals
  • Find your balance, improve stamina and learn exercises for the long term
  • Exercises involve movement, pulling, pushing and lifting

Class Size: 5
Frequency: 1 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Hip and Knee - Level 3 ●●○○○

Hip and Knee Level 3 is a progression and continuation of our Hip and Knee Level 2 water class

This class is:

  • performed on land to give you confidence and continues to build your strength and improve range of motion from the water sessions
  • geared towards the individual who is looking to challenge themselves further with strengthening exercises for core, hip and lower leg and feet
  • is a series of body weight exercises and various gym equipment including TRX, bands, weights, bars and balance discs

Class Size: 5
Frequency: 1 time a week
Duration: 30 minutes

Class NameDayTimeDuration
*Learn to Run Faster is not part of the Class Pass program and is priced separately.
Lower Body MobilityMonday12.30pm30 min
Upper Body MobilityMonday12.00pm30 min
Learn to Run Faster*TBATBA60 min
Basic TRXFriday11.00am30 min
Hip and Knee - Level 3Friday10.00am30 min


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