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Claire graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics with an emphasis in Biophysical Sciences.

Growing up, she was a speed skater for 11 years practicing both short and long track. During her career, she competed within Canada and the United states, skating against world caliber athletes.

While completing her degree, she worked with the University of Ottawa in both their High Performance Center as a coaching intern, and as a student therapist with the varsity volleyball team. During the 2 years that she worked at the High Performance Center, Claire assisted in training high level teams, learning the fundamentals of coaching, and building long term exercise plans through workshops and experience. In her fourth year, Claire had the opportunity to work with the varsity volleyball team as a student trainer, where she acted as the primary on-site care provider for away games and practices.

Aside from her experience in athletics, she interned at two physiotherapy clinics working with and providing care for patients of all levels.

Overall, Claire believes in taking a patient centered approach to recovery, working together with the patient not only to help them to achieve their goals but to cheer them on and celebrate their milestones along the way.

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