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I decided to try LiquidGym to help me in my recovery of a full knee replacement I had back in January 2013. My recovery was coming along, but I was still experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain. In addition, I had an issue with my balance and strength.

I started to see an overall difference after going to LiquidGym twice a week for a month. Years ago I loved to do water aerobics, but this new water experience caught my eye and I love it! In addition to my knee replacement, I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. I use the treadmill and get a full workout, which I presently could not do out of water. I am really enjoying the experience. You can push yourself or do just what you feel up to each session. I finish the half hour feeling tired, but a ‘good’ tired and feeling stronger. I really enjoy it.

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