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Carolyn first heard about LiquidGym 2 years ago and liked the idea of exercising in the water. One year ago, her doctor suggested that she try out LG. You see, Carolyn has osteoarthritis in her knees, feet, and back. She finds walking painful as a result, so her walking was greatly restricted. The lack of activity and exercise has caused muscle weakness. And the pain has caused her to rely on painkillers more than she would like.

This past Christmas, her daughter gave her a gift card to LiquidGym. She decided it was finally time to pay us a visit. Carolyn joined LG 6 weeks ago, starting with twice weekly workouts on the underwater treadmills and bikes. Within 2 weeks, she noticed that her pain was going away, so she decided to increase her visits to 3 times a week.

She said she hasn’t had to take painkillers for 2 weeks now. And last week’s record-breaking snowstorm was no problem for her. In the past, her children have discouraged her from shovelling snow because of her osteoarthritis. Tuesday night, she shovelled for 15 minutes and felt fine afterwards. So Wednesday morning, she shovelled for 30 minutes; again, with no pain.

She calls LiquidGym “life changing; I’m so excited that I want to tell everybody.” And she does: as I was conducting an orientation last week, she told the newcomers about how wonderful LG is. Thank you, Carolyn!

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