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What’s a runner’s high? If you’re a runner, you know. It’s that amazing feeling of “psychological well-being” you get during or after a run. (1)When a runner gets injured and can no longer run, they miss it. A lot. That’s what happened to LiquidGym member Sylva when, in 2013, she suffered a stroke that completely paralyzed the right side of her body. An avid runner and yoga instructor, Sylva first had to relearn simple tasks like writing and walking. Her progress was slow and frustrating; all she wanted to do was don her runners and hit the road.

Fast forward to late 2015, when she discovered LiquidGym. Sylva was still limping, her right leg was still weak and she was swinging it to walk. She joined LiquidGym and began walking on an underwater treadmill 5 days a week. Every lunch hour, she’d be there – walking, then running, forwards, sideways, backwards – strengthening her muscles and retraining her brain to work with her body. Her balance improved tremendously from working out in the water.

Last month, she added 2 weekly sessions on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill: 3 days a week in the pools, and 2 days a week on the AlterG. She wanted to add more weight to her body during her workout – in the water, she’s chest-deep, so she’s only working with 30% body weight. On the AlterG, she’s now working with 80% bodyweight. The addition of the AlterG to her training has resulted in huge improvements. Sylva was seeing tremendous improvements – her gait was even and she wasn’t swinging her leg anymore.

Sylva’s goal is to run again. With LiquidGym, Sylva feels that she’ll achieve her goal. When asked for one word to describe her experience with LiquidGym, Sylva said “amazing”. But she didn’t stop there: “Being a runner, the biggest benefit is mentally. It’s priceless that I can run again. LiquidGym allowed me to run again. In the water for past few months, now I am working toward running on the AlterG and I am very close. Next step is running outside again and I know with LiquidGym and my persistence I will get there. Once a runner, always a runner. Thank you LiquidGym!”

References: 1. Heather Hatfield, Runner’s High: Is It for Real? WebMD.

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