Liquid Gym - Rehab and Training Centre

LiquidGym - Rehab and Training Centre

Our centre will change the way you think about rehab and fitness.

LiquidGym is a unique rehab and fitness centre that incorporates both water and land equipment not used in mainstream clinics.

Our patients and members are often surprised when they surpass what they thought possible to achieve in their recovery journey.

We are not just about equipment, we are about the safe environment, the passion, and the family we become when an individual enters through LiquidGym doors.

Our centre changes the way you think about rehab and fitness.

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What's New at Liquid Gym

What's New at LiquidGym

Class Passes for both Land and Water classes

Our land class passes allows you to attend any land class of the same length.

Our water class passes allows you to attend any water class of the same length.

Class passes can be purchased for 1 to 20 classes. You may schedule as many classes in advance as you have passes currently paid for.

Update on our Water Classes

Stability and Strength ●○○○○

This class focuses on movement patterns, proper walking mechanics, balance work, trunk control and functional movements.

AquaSpin ●●○○○

Learn proper bike fit, body positioning and full range of cycling techniques from sitting, standing, hand position and pedal speed.

Treadmill Basics ●●○○○ -- Additional Class Times

Learn various types of walking using varied speeds and directions. Train on a treadmill with railings, hydro-jets, and weights.

Update on our Land Classes

Alinker Bike! - Training ●○○○○

Come and try the bike in a supervised and instructor-led environment.

UrbanPoling ●○○○○

Urban Poling is an excellent fitness activity that exercises 90% of your muscles and burns up to 47% more calories over walking without poles.

FIT on Land ●●○○○

This class is group circuit training with participants rotating from station to station. Each station is individualized and adapts to challenge your abilities.

Basic TRX - Total Body Resistance Exercise ●●○○○ -- Additional Class Times

TRX is a workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to strengthen core, upper and lower body and improve balance

Introducing Reflexology Services

We are please to announce we are now offering Reflexology services at LiquidGym.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a manual technique. It is based on an ancient understanding that the entire body system is reflected in zones and points on the feet and hands. Reflexologists use their own hands to apply pressure or to stimulate specific areas. The goal is to promote relaxation, stress reduction, overall detoxification, and to restore balance.


Our classes are classified according to the main focus of the workout:
cardio, strength or flexibility

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