Liquid Gym - Rehab and Training Centre

LiquidGym - Rehab and Training Centre

LiquidGym Rehab and Training Centre, located in Ottawa, is an 8,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind complex with hydrotherapy, hydrotraining, and land-based rehab.
LiquidGym is focused on "Innovation in Rehab".
There is currently no other facility in Canada that offers an interactive therapy gaming system, functional movement rehab machines, an anti-gravity land-based treadmill, underwater treadmills, and underwater bikes, all under one roof.


Includes over 100 assessments, coach-guided exercises, activities and rehab-focused games for active rehab sessions.

Eight integrated rehabilitation machines designed to improve functional capability through controlled movements and integrative cognitive feedback.

All water and land classes are categorized and colour-coded according to the main focus of the class. Red is for flexibility, blue is for cardio, and yellow is for strength.