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LG UPDATE – May 23, 2022

Due to the current power outages in Ottawa and Bells Corners LiquidGym is temporarily closed until power is restored. Watch this page for more updates as they become available to us.

 Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Athletic TherapyPersonal Training & Massage Therapy 

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Our latest Blog: What is Golfer’s Elbow?  

Online booking has now reopened for current patients. 

Our clinic will change the way you think about physiotherapy, rehab and
your personal healthcare.

LiquidGym is located in Ottawa, in an 8,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind clinic offering hydrotherapy,
hydrotraining, and land-based care.

Our clinic is focused on innovation in therapy care.

There is currently no other clinic in Canada that offers the wide range of specialty equipment
and systems, all under one roof.





Google Reviews

5 star review  I've been going to LiquidGym for three or four years or so -- it's hard to keep track because time flies when you're hafvng fun, as they say! LiquidGym is just a great place for people of all abilities and interests to access services that will optimize your health, strength, ability, mobility and more. I have used several services and types of exercise facilities there, including physiotherapy (in the pool and on dry land), personal training (in the pool and on dry land), swimming and workouts in the Endless Pool, and massage. The staff are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and very well qualified in their respective areas of expertise. The facility is completely accessible to persons with a disability. Rules and guidelines for facility use are clear, easily available and adapt to changing conditions -- for example, the pandemic. The facilities are clean and it's just a pleasure to be there. Right now, I am engaged in weekly personal training sessions with Dan. I am really enjoying it! It is such a great change from just exercising at home. Dan changes up the workouts every week. He is also fun and encouraging,. Over the years, I have recommended LiquidGym to many people. I have talked with fellow users who love it and gain tremendous benefits from going there. I can't recommend it too enthusiastically. Give it a try!

thumb Mary Trafford

5 star review  LiquidGym is the first clinic that I have been that your physiotherapist is dedicated to working with you throughout your entire appointment. My therapist, Ayla, is very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. She has been excellent assessing my condition and determining a planned program for my improvement. I highly recommend this location for their friendly staff and therapists and especially their unique, well equipped water therapy pools and equipment.

thumb Andy Mathieu

5 star review  Liquid gym is wonderful facility. I have been member of Liquid gym over 5 years. It is friendly place with a sense of community. Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Liquid gym has played huge role in my recovery from injury and continues to help with me with building strength. The facility offers variety of different therapists, like physio, physiologist, personal trainers, massage therapist which work all together to help their clients to achieve their goals.

thumb Sylva Broulik

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What is Golfer’s Elbow?


Golfer’s Elbow is the most common form of medial elbow pain. Often caused by overuse of the medial muscles of the forearm. Managed effectively, it does not have to ruin your game or prevent you from working. Rest, followed by…


NORMATEC compression system can help with your injury recovery!


NORMATEC Recovery System is an advanced rehab and recovery system that uses progression compression with customizable settings. This system is great for injury use.


How to Build Your Golf Fitness to be a stronger golfer!


Spring has sprung and golf season is officially upon us.  From an outside perspective, golf may seem like a leisurely activity, however this is not the case. Golf is a sport which requires a great deal of skill, hand-eye coordination,…


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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2km Event Saturday May 28 at 3pm Join our Team LiquidGym and ride with us!

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