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LG UPDATE – January 26, 2022

We are open!

 Physiotherapy,  Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy.

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Our latest Blog: Are you recovering from Long COVID

LiquidGym COVID-19 procedures

Our clinic will change the way you think about physiotherapy, rehab and
your personal healthcare.

LiquidGym is located in Ottawa, in an 8,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind clinic offering hydrotherapy,
hydrotraining, and land-based care.

Our clinic is focused on innovation in therapy care.

There is currently no other clinic in Canada that offers the wide range of specialty equipment
and systems, all under one roof.





Google Reviews

    5 star review  The Liquid Gym has provided me with excellent rehab and personal training. Physiotherapy can take place in the therapy pools or in the two separate gym areas with their specialty equipment. The Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and all other Liquid Gym staff are personable, professional and friendly and they all try to get to know you. I’m very pleased with the therapy I have received and look forward to when group therapy sessions can start up again. Thank you Liquid Gym. The 5 stars are well deserved.

    thumb Daniel Sullivan

    5 star review  I am so grateful for the physiotherapy that I received at Liquid Gym post shoulder surgery and meniscus tear, after a traumatic experience in another clinic. In addition to having great dry land facilities, LiquidGym provides a rare space in Ottawa to rehabilitate in warm water. The fact that LiquidGym offers both dry and wet therapies reflects their sincere commitment to up to date therapeutic treatments that speed up recovery safely. The therapist I've had the good fortune of working with, Drew, is not a mere mechanic but a healer. He spends the full session working with the patient rather than hooking them up to a machine. He showed concern and care, and answered all my questions with thorough knowledge as well as encouragement. I truly appreciated this and can say that his efforts and exercise protocole got me through a very challenging time. The staff at LiquidGym are very professional and kind, sending e-reminders and receipts promptly. I strongly recommend LiquidGym.

    thumb janine debanne

    5 star review  Liquid gym is wonderful facility. I have been member of Liquid gym over 5 years. It is friendly place with a sense of community. Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Liquid gym has played huge role in my recovery from injury and continues to help with me with building strength. The facility offers variety of different therapists, like physio, physiologist, personal trainers, massage therapist which work all together to help their clients to achieve their goals.

    thumb Sylva Broulik

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