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100% of LiquidGym staff have had their second vaccination!

LiquidGym is open for Physiotherapy,  Massage,  Kinesiology, and Personal Training.

Treadmill/bike rentals no longer available  – Effective June 15, 2021 – click here for more information

LiquidGym COVID-19 procedures

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Are you a Registered Massage Therapist?  Please call if you would like to join our team 613-820-8228

Our clinic will change the way you think about physiotherapy, rehab and
your personal healthcare.

LiquidGym is located in Ottawa, in an 8,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind clinic offering hydrotherapy,
hydrotraining, and land-based care.

Our clinic is focused on innovation in therapy care.

There is currently no other clinic in Canada that offers the wide range of specialty equipment
and systems, all under one roof.





Google Reviews

    5 star review  Excellent physio in warm pools of water. Using treadmills, stationary bikes, weights and more in the water develops strength & mobility using the buoyancy of the water. Have been going to physio here twice a week for over two months. A few months ago I could not walk without pain & lived on painkillers. Have arthritis in knee & worn out cartilage. I walk a lot daily now & rarely have pain. Will only have knee replacement surgery as a last resort. Gavin is an excellent physiotherapist who understands what is needed to develop strength & mobility. Physiotherapy in water is incredible & it works! I highly recommend Liquid Gym to anyone needing physio for any reason.

    thumb Halia Osadca

    5 star review  I was fortunate to hear about Liquid Gym from friend who had positive things to say about her own recovery. My experience has also been positive and I've made tremendous progress recovering from a shoulder injury since coming to Liquid Gym. The ability to conduct my treatments in the water has sped up my recovery. It's amazing the increased range of motion in the water vs land. The online booking system is easy to use and my physiotherapist has been fantastic and has provided me with a clear understanding of the steps required for a full recovery. Highly recommend.

    thumb Deanne Ferguson

    5 star review  1st time using water therapy as physio , recouping from Knee replacement surgery, that had a few medical complications along the way. The staff is very friendly & helpful. I am so impressed the progress & the strength changes I see week after week, I was able to work harder in pool environment with ease & comfort. Doing the physio in the pool allowed for an easier recovery period compared to my other knee replacement 2 years ago where I did dry land physio.

    thumb Paul & Ele Barber

Awards and Program Partnerships


AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Antigravity Treadmill at LiquidGym


The AlterG uses advanced differential air pressure technology to generate a powerful lifting force, which provides precise unweighting in 1% increments from 20% of body weight up to 80% full weight. The chamber becomes pressurized and calibrates to your exact…


Using Normatec to aid in your recovery


NormaTec Recovery System is an advanced rehab and recovery system that lets users customize every aspect of their sessions. This system is suitable for post-op and post-injury use. The Normatec system helps: Relieve muscle soreness Increase circulation Flush out lactic acid…

Game Ready System Post Surgery Recovery

Using the Game Ready for your Post Surgery Recovery


Game Ready has led the way in recovery technology innovation for over two decades. We are here to give you the best, most advanced, most effective therapeutic options for healing faster and recovering better after your surgery.


Do you have inner ear problems or suffer from balance issues and dizziness – could vestibular rehabilitation help you?


Has your doctor diagnosed a condition known as a vestibular or inner ear disorder? There is a specific diagnosis and vestibular rehabilitation protocol that can help you in the recovery path. This post will explain: what is a vestibular/inner ear…

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