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Why is hydrotherapy so effective?

Water immersion allows patients to perform movements they may be unable to perform on land.

Exercises can be performed with greater ease and less pain.

With hydrotherapy, patients can therefore begin earlier and progress through their recovery journey more efficiently.

The beneficial physical properties of water (buoyancy, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and thermodynamics) are explained below.



The upward force of buoyancy counterbalances the negative downward effects of gravity and greatly decreases the impact forces that your body is subjected to in traditional land therapy sessions. When standing chest deep in water your body weight is reduced by 80%. Therefore, an individual weighing 200lbs on land only weighs 40lbs in the water and the ability to safely perform exercise therapy is greatly enhanced.

hydrobells_against_current_endless pool_still


Water viscosity (drag and resistance principal) increases resistance to movement in water making movement up to 12% more difficult. This increases the positive impact of muscle strengthening exercises. Happily, the support provided through the water’s buoyancy effect (reduced weight bearing) means this additional resistance is often not felt by the patient. You can move more freely in water with reduced pain and at the same time increase your muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

IMG_7043 w600

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted on the body when immersed in water. This pressure can help control/decrease swelling in an injured area and support an increase in joint range of motion.



Thermodynamics – “Water is an efficient conductor, transferring heat 25 times faster than air. This thermal conductive property, in combination with the high specific heat of water, makes the use of water in rehabilitation very versatile because water retains heat or cold while delivering it easily to the immersed body type.”
– Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, Bruce Becker, MD and Andrew Cole MD.

Our hydrotherapy area is 3000 sq. ft. containing 4 pools.

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  • Please ensure you have completed your online assessment form before arriving for your appointment.
  • Your first appointment is a land appointment. Shorts and t-shirt/tank top are appropriate.
  • Bring your physician’s referral, if you have one (though not required)
  • Provide any relevant medical history
  • Bring any relevant reports/test results (e.g. x-rays, ultrasound scan, MRI reports)
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Major illnesses that you have experienced
  • Surgeries or operations that you have had
  • Medications that you are currently taking
  • Your level of activity at work and leisure
  • Sleeping habits
  • Blood pressure, pulse and breathing
  • Reflexes
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Coordination
  • Posture Analysis
  • X-Ray review
  • Movement Analysis

Is Athletic Therapy covered under insurance?

Some extended health insurance plans cover Athletic Therapy as a benefit. Please check your insurance plan if in doubt.

Can you bill directly to my insurance company?

No. We cannot bill insurance companies directly for Athletic Therapy services.

Does LiquidGym accept Motor Vehicle Accident claims?

No. As of September 1, 2021 we no longer submit nor bill for MVA claims. LiquidGym can, however, treat MVA injuries. You just need to pay our standard therapy rates at the time of your appointment.

Do you direct bill for Veterans Affairs, RCMP, and Canadian Forces?

Yes. If you have Blue Cross coverage through either Veterans Affairs, RCMP, or Canadian Forces, we can bill directly with Blue Cross. To proceed, we require your ID number and the contact information of your case manager, if applicable.

Many patients pay out-of-pocket for Athletic Therapy. At LiquidGym we respect your dollar by providing only one-on-one appointments with your Athletic Therapist. In addition to your on-site treatment, if appropriate, the therapist will provide a self-managed home care treatment program to facilitate your recovery.

Due to a high number of last-minute cancellations and missed appointments, any Athletic Therapy appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be subjected to a $50 cancellation fee per 30 minutes of missed appointment time.

When you cancel your appointment, please inform office staff why you are canceling. This information will be passed along to your therapist.

Appointment reminder emails will be sent out 24 hours in advance.

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