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It is an evidence-based practice treatment program for patients with symptomatic knee and/or hip osteoarthritis. It is an education and neuromuscular exercise program developed in Denmark.

LiquidGym is a certified GLA:D site with licensed therapists.

What are the results from the program that was developed in Denmark?

  • A 27% reduction in pain intensity
  • A 37%-45% reduction in use of joint related pain medications
  • An over 30% increase in self-reported physical activity levels
GLAD exercise program and therapy for osteoarthritis

What is the program?

GLA:D is an 8-week education and exercise program that takes place in a group setting, under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.

When will the program be offered?

Fall of 2024

CALL 613-820-8228 for more information on Fall registrations

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