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What is Kinesiology?


Land training for personal training, kinesiology and athletic therapy: starting early in July

Membership and classes: not available until at least September

Orientation: currently unavailable

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, performance and function. Kinesiology incorporates the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience into an all-encompassing healthcare practice. Kinesiologists use the latest evidence-based research to treat and prevent injury and disease, and to improve movement and performance.

Our kinesiologists work with individuals of all ages and physical abilities on land, in the water, or a combination of the two.

Kinesiology practice can include:

  • injury rehabilitation
  • pain and chronic disease management
  • ergonomics and workplace safety
  • fitness training and athletics
  • return to work planning and disability management

Working with our kinesiologists, you can expect a hands-on approach. These sessions could involve manual therapy and exercise instruction.

Kinesiology healthcare practice @ LiquidGym Rehab and Training Centre

What makes us different? DATA!

During your assessment we capture data from various measurement tools. We use data analytics to support your custom designed training plan.
Pictured: Data Muscle Tester

Underwater treadmill training kinesiology Ottawa

Why do we use DATA in your program design?

  • To help quickly identify areas of weakness.
  • To look for areas that could be a high risk of injury.
  • To design a custom program for those weak spots to improve your mobility, alignment, strength, and/or cardiovascular fitness.
  • To use regular re-checks to see changes in key areas under development.
  • To help you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses and provide education on how to achieve your goals when not working out with us.
Athletic therapy, TRX workout facility in Bells Corners, Ottawa

Your initial assessment

Your kinesiology sessions begin with assessments focused on functional movement, range of motion, strength and force. All assessments capture movement and strength through digital evaluation and data capture. Custom programs are designed based on the data, individual goals and needs.


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