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Spring Loaded OA Brace

Spring Loaded OA is the first and only knee brace capable of reducing pressure across the entire knee. Its powerful spring system equips it to treat pain caused by all osteoarthritis patterns, including difficult-to-treat conditions such as multicompartmental OA or patellofemoral OA.



Knee Injuries



How does it work

Spring Loaded OA uses patented spring technology to lift weight off your knee and relieve joint pain so you can do more of what you love.

The lightweight, low-profile frame design sits entirely on the back of the leg, while comfortable straps hug the front of your leg to prevent slipping and ensure an optimal fit.


With a turn of the Power Dial, instantly turn up or down the amount of pain relief to the level you need, when and where you need it

Powerful Spring Assistance

When you bend your knees, liquid springs located in the Spring Pack absorb energy and reduce painful knee forces. During extension, the springs release that energy, reducing pain and powering the legs.

As a result, weight-bearing movements like squatting, going up and down stairs, and rising from a seated position are easier and less painful to perform.


Spring Loaded OA brace is reimbursable under most health insurance plans. Our bracing specialists will be happy to assist you with your claim.



of users with knee osteoarthritis report reduced pain since using the Spring Loaded knee brace.


Up to 64% reduction in joint load across the whole knee (patellofemoral and tibiofemoral compartments).


of users with knee osteoarthritis report improved mobility since using a Spring Loaded knee brace.

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Knee Brace Levitation combines multiple technologies to:

Reduce pressure throughout the knee:
Levitation is the only brace that significantly reduces forces in all three compartments of your knee. Pressure increases throughout the knee when it is bent, reaching up to seven times bodyweight. Equipped with a patented bionic hinge, Levitation absorbs bodyweight and assists with leg extension. This reduces the pressure exerted by the quadriceps on the knee.

Realign the knee:
For those with a misalignment of the knee, the optional pneumatic offloader can be added to Levitation to realign the knee. This further reduces pain, improves strength and stability, and diminishes the risk of falling.

Restore strength with bionics:
Levitation absorbs energy when you bend your knee, and returns that energy as you straighten your leg. This assists your natural movement and helps protect your knees, allowing you to stay active longer. As your strength increases and pain decreases, the power can be dialed back or turned off altogether.

The knee has three compartments, the medial and lateral tibiofemoral compartments, and the patellofemoral compartment. Each compartment contains a contact zone between two bones where osteoarthritis usually develops.

For most people with knee osteoarthritis, pain and disability arise from damage to the patellofemoral compartment. As a result, pain often gets worse when the knees are bent. The problem with most conventional osteoarthritis braces is that they do not address pain originating in the patellofemoral compartment.

Conventional unloader braces only provide relief for uni-compartment tibiofemoral arthritis, less than 4% of knee osteoarthritis cases. They redirect force from the most affected tibiofemoral compartment to the healthier one. This is useful for realigning the knee, but provides limited relief across the whole knee.

Knee ligament injuries are very common. Getting back to full strength is essential for complete recovery. Levitation®2, the world’s only compact and powerful bionic knee brace can get you back to your normal activities, sooner.

Faster Rehabilitation
Levitation is designed to promote faster recovery and a safe return to weight-bearing activities. Our braces act like a shock absorption device to increase stability and confidence as you bend your knee and restore your normal range of motion. Then, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the quadriceps to promote pain-free muscular contraction. This allows patients to regain complete muscle strength and stability during controlled rehabilitation exercises before returning to normal activities. For ACL patients, the brace can be configured to only assist deeper angles of knee flexion.

Return to Normal Activities
As the patient regains their strength and stability, the spring-loaded assist can be gradually reduced, then turned off, leaving you with a traditional, functional knee brace that increases stability and helps protect the knee. This feature can be particularly important for ACL injuries, since the ACL is more susceptible to injury when the knee is nearly or fully straightened.

Because it’s thicker than cartilage elsewhere, torn segments of meniscus are tough enough to wedge themselves in your joint, causing your knee to lock. And while you can injure your meniscus at any age (it’s very common for young athletes), it does grow more brittle as you get older. Which means it’s even easier to tear. A sudden movement, repeated squatting, a twist of the knee – sometimes it doesn’t take much to damage. All of this is why more than half a million people are diagnosed with meniscal injuries every year in the United States alone. Meniscus damage is also associated with knee joint degenration due to osteoarthritis.

A Non-Surgical Approach
As you bend your knees, the compression in your knee joint can increase up to seven times your body weight. Unlike other braces, Levitation can work as a meniscus tear knee brace because it’s designed to reduce compression by acting like the shock absorption system in your car. By absorbing and disbursing weight away from your knees, Levitation can reduce friction in your joint. This helps reduce pain and cartilage loss while you build and regain your strength.

Handcrafted Meniscus Knee Brace to Power your Lifestyle
Our bionic meniscus knee brace is handcrafted in Halifax, NS, Canada to power your lifestyle. The shell is made with streamlined, lightweight carbon fiber. This is the same material used in airplanes, high-end sporting equipment, and Formula One race cars. Our bionic knee braces have quick release strapping so you can easily put your brace on and take it off. Levitation is also lightweight, comfortable, and low-profile.

Neurologically based movement disabilities, ranging from those caused by stroke to multiple sclerosis to cerebral palsy, can dramatically impact your life. These disabilities often come with a loss of muscular control, and may lead to a range of symptoms including the inability to initiate movements, dramatically slowed movements, and the loss of movement coordination. Too often, neurological disabilities affect legs, resulting in a dramatic loss of independence and quality of life.

Despite the best efforts of doctors and physiotherapists, many patients never recover their mobility. This leaves many patients with a cane, walker, or wheelchair that they don’t want.

Increase Stability, Strength, and Confidence
The Levitation® 2 Knee Brace can help patients with neurologically-based movement disabilities build strength and increase mobility.

As you bend your knees, Levitation bionic hinge slows the movement, increasing stability and confidence. As a result, many patients find they can sit, crouch, and even lunge again. Next, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the thigh muscles to help standing from a seated or crouched position. This allows patients to start rebuilding lost muscle strength and stability at home, getting them back to the things the love most.

Over time, as strength and mobility are restored, the level and range of motion assisted by the brace can be decreased, thereby promoting independent mobility, without the brace.

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