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What is pediatric physiotherapy?

Kids are busy and active and growing all at once. This makes them more susceptible to injuries. In terms of development and healing, children are not tiny adults, therefore they have different needs.

Pediatric physiotherapy uses play, exercises and other tools to help children heal properly whether their issues are injury, posture, sensory or growth related.

At LiquidGym we have the additional benefits of being able to use the hydrotherapy pools to help children get back to doing what they love best.

Which conditions does the pediatric physiotherapist treat?

Our pediatric physiotherapist is happy to work with children with all types of physiotherapy needs.

This includes; help reaching developmental milestones, scoliosis or back pain, any joint or muscle pain, Osgood Schlatter, Sever’s disease, growing pains, post rehabilitation for fractures or surgeries, chronic injuries, tight muscles, Juvenile arthritis, and deconditioning.

We can treat children from new born babies all the way up to their late teenage years.

Is there evidence that physiotherapy is beneficial for children?

Yes. There are many studies that show that physiotherapy and targeted exercise programs can be beneficial for children of all ages in recovery as well as the prevention of problems when they are become adults.

Do I need a prescription for my child to attend physiotherapy?

No! You may need one for insurance purposes but not to come and be assessed and treated by our physiotherapists.


Water immersion allows patients to perform movements they may be unable to perform on land. Exercises can be performed with greater ease and less pain due to the buoyancy created by the water.

The upward force of buoyancy counter balances the negative downward effects of gravity and greatly decreases the impact forces that your body is subjected to in traditional land therapy sessions.

When a child is standing chest deep in water their body weight is reduced by 80%. Therefore, a child weighing 80lbs on land only weighs 16lbs in the water. This allows for the child to safely perform exercises in the water.

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Jessica our Pediatric physiotherapist!

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  • Please ensure you have completed your online assessment form before arriving for your appointment.
  • Your first appointment is a land appointment. Shorts and t-shirt/tank top are appropriate.
  • Bring your physician’s referral, if you have one (though not required)
  • Provide any relevant medical history
  • Bring any relevant reports/test results (e.g. x-rays, ultrasound scan, MRI reports)
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Major illnesses that you have experienced
  • Surgeries or operations that you have had
  • Medications that you are currently taking
  • Your level of activity at work and leisure
  • Sleeping habits
  • Blood pressure, pulse and breathing
  • Reflexes
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Coordination
  • Posture Analysis
  • X-Ray review
  • Movement Analysis

Do I need a physician’s referral?

Physiotherapists are primary health care practitioners and therefore offer direct access to physiotherapy services without the need for a physician’s referral. Some extended health insurance plans require a physician’s referral; however, please check your insurance plan if in doubt.

Can you bill directly to my insurance company?

Some extended health insurance companies currently accept direct billing from Physiotherapy clinics. Ask and we can let you know if your insurance company accepts direct billing from LiquidGym.

Does LiquidGym accept Motor Vehicle Accident claims?

No. As of September 1, 2021 we no longer submit nor bill for MVA claims. LiquidGym can, however, treat MVA injuries. You just need to pay our standard therapy rates at the time of your appointment.

Do you direct bill for Veterans Affairs, RCMP, and Canadian Forces?

Yes. If you have Blue Cross coverage through either Veterans Affairs, RCMP, or Canadian Forces, we can bill directly with Blue Cross. To proceed, we require your ID number and the contact information of your case manager, if applicable.

Many patients pay out-of-pocket for physiotherapy. At LiquidGym we respect your dollar by providing only one-on-one appointments with your physiotherapist. We do not double-book clients, nor do we provide your treatment through support personnel. In addition to your on-site treatment, if appropriate, the physiotherapist will provide a self-managed home care treatment program to facilitate your recovery.

No, LiquidGym is not an OHIP designated clinic.

Due to a high number of last-minute cancellations and missed appointments, any physiotherapy appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be subjected to a $50 cancellation fee per 30 minutes of missed appointment time.

When you cancel your appointment, please inform office staff why you are canceling. This information will be passed along to your therapist.

Appointment reminder emails will be sent out 24 hours in advance.

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