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What is Golfer’s Elbow?

Golfer’s Elbow is the most common form of medial elbow pain. Often caused by overuse of the medial muscles of the forearm. Managed effectively, it does not have to ruin your game or prevent you from working. Rest, followed by…

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What is Functional Dry Needling?

Functional dry needing (FDN) is a skilled technique performed by a qualified therapist using a filiform (or dry) needle to penetrate into muscles and other tissue to influence the body’s function and help in the treatment of neuromuscular conditions, pain,…

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Are you Recovering from Long Covid?

What you should know about COVID Long COVID is an emerging health condition that may occur following an acute infection of COVID-19. Signs & Symptoms can vary greatly among patients and also fluctuate or change over time affecting multiple body…

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