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How Kinesiology Can Benefit Our Veterans

In Ontario, there are an estimated 224,400 veterans who are clients of Veterans Affairs Canada (combined from war service and Canadian Armed Forces).  Let’s discuss how the growing profession of Kinesiology can benefit our veterans.

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Can Functional Dry Needling help you with your rehab?

Functional dry needing (FDN) is a skilled technique performed by a qualified therapist using a filiform (or dry) needle to penetrate into muscles and other tissue to influence the body’s function and help in the treatment of neuromuscular conditions, pain,…

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Are You Suffering From Golfer’s Elbow?

Suffering from Golfer’s Elbow is the most common form of medial elbow pain. Often caused by overuse of the medial muscles of the forearm. Managed effectively, it does not have to ruin your game or prevent you from working. Rest,…

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Water Exercises for any pool near you!

Here at LiquidGym, we’re fortunate to provide a state-of-the-art aquatic therapy facility to our patients/clients in order to help get them back to the activities they love doing but water exercises can be done in any pool! In the past,…

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What is Prehab and Why is it Important?

Do you have an upcoming surgery? Are you worried or anxious about how it will go and how long your recovery will be? Often people will seek out a physiotherapist following their surgery to help with their recovery; however, there…

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