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My son gave me a LiquidGym gift card for Christmas and so I started in January using the underwater treadmills. Having struggled with weight issues and arthritis for several years, I had been moving less and less but was in more and more pain. Going to LiquidGym I started moving more and more and was in pain less and less. In February I started a weekly treadmill basics class and by March was taking two classes a week and had progressed from the basics to the conditioning class. I was running again, underwater yes, but still I was running and hopping and jumping! Fast forward a few more months of classes, to mid-July, when I was walking my dog in the greenbelt. I had parked my car on the side of a four lane (80 km) roadway to access the trails. On the walk back to the car my Chihuahua did something she has never done before, and will never have the opportunity to do again. She trotted ahead of me toward the highway putting more and more distance between us. The faster I moved the more she sped up and no amount of shouting or coaxing could make her stop. When she was almost at the road I broke into a full run for over 100 feet and then managed to traverse a ditch just in time to run out and scoop her off the right lane as several vehicles were bearing down on her. How I was able to do that, without falling, is attributable to my classes at LiquidGym where I was encouraged to run and was taught the proper form. LiquidGym got me to the point that I was able to run on land when I had to, and not only helped me to save my dog’s life, it’s been helping me to save my own.

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