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Alinker Academy Training At LiquidGym

Alinker Academy – online fitness and training for Alinker users worldwide

I am happy to announce the launch of the Alinker Academy, a partnership between LiquidGym Canada Therapy and Training Centre and Alinker Inventions Ltd. We have created innovative and fun ways to assist members of the Alinker community to maximize the use and benefits of the Alinker.

Our subscription based, online program includes a variety of activities to assist individuals of all ability and mobility levels.  The curriculum includes cardio workouts and exercises for strength and agility training, along with instructional videos for each exercise. Our modified yoga classes are designed specifically for Alinker users. Our ‘Come Ride With Me’ videos are Alinker rides through scenic trails in Ottawa, Canada.

We welcome Alinker users to join our classes and the Alinker community around the globe.

To find out more and to join:  alinkeracademy.com

Karen Snyder

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