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How to jazz up a dull TRX workout!

A lot of people end up using their TRX for a few basic strength training moves.  This can mean that a TRX workout becomes dull and uninteresting over time.  I am going to offer you some suggestions to get more out of your TRX session.

3 key ways to change up TRX:

Balancing Tool:

TRX is great to use for balancing as it means you can hang on to something for added stability but because the straps still move, it requires your body to compensate more than if you were holding onto a fixed bar.

Beginner: Stationary 1 leg stance.

  • Start with holding the straps with 2 hands
  • A progression could be to go to 1 arm as well or adjusting how long you hold the stance

Intermediate: Step back lunges with alternating legs

  • Start by holding the straps with 2 hands
  • Progressing to 1 arm for more of a challenge.
  • Start with 3 lunges each side and progress to more as you get stronger

Advanced: 1 leg hip hinging.

  • Don’t forget to switch sides as you do this routine.


TRX is not just for strength.  It can be used for a cardio workout as well.  Rather than counting the number of reps, try doing the same move for 30 seconds to a minute and you will get your heart rate up, guaranteed.

Beginner:  Marching with Variations

  • Holding the straps for stability you can march in place,
  • Change the foot pattern of out, out, in, in or sidestep out and in

Intermediate: Sprinter Starts

  • Start facing away from the wall
  • Have the straps under your arms, stand on 1 foot and drive the other knee forward then step back with the same foot.
  • Work each side progressing up to 1 minute.

Advanced: Body Drop and wall turn

This is a fun move that works not only the cardio but is great for the upper body too.

  • Stand sideways to the wall and TRX with slight lean outwards with legs in split stance – outside leg forward, hold both handles together at chest height.
  • Drop your body away from the wall so that you face the wall while extending your arms
  • Pull in quickly and turn back to the starting position.
  • As a variation you can add in a pushout when you return to the starting position to work the core even further.

Set the workout to follow a pattern:

Try mixing up your workout by doing a cardio move followed by a strength move for the duration of the workout.

  • OR a cardio move followed by a strength move of 1 upper, 1 lower and 1 core then repeat the pattern.
  • OR another pattern do a wall facing cardio move,
    • then a sideways cardio pattern
    • then face away from the wall cardio pattern.
  • OR do that cardio pattern then follow that with the same pattern but using strength moves. Keep repeating the entire pattern until your workout is done!

Using other equipment with TRX:

Just because you are using one piece of equipment does not mean you cannot add a second piece into the mix.

Adding a Step 360 or BOSU both very versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for increasing the balancing factor, adding cardio or even as a seat to perform your moves on.

Balancing:  Squats

  • Stand on top of the equipment. The core must work a lot harder on an unstable surface.

Cardio:  On/Offs

  • Make sure you pick your feet up so your toes clear the edge!

Sitting:  1 arm sit back crunches.

  • Switching to 1 arm makes it harder and then reaching back to one side works the obliques.

Other equipment:

Beach Ball:

  • Place a beach ball (or other ball ) between knees for squat

Beach Ball:  Floor slide outs for core.

Stability Ball:

A stability ball can be used as a seat for:

  • upper body moves

Stability Ball:

  • Can be used doing bridges on the floor
  • or overhead pass overs touching knees.

Balance Pods:

  • Great for balancing when you step on and off.
  • Knee crossovers stepping back onto the balance pods.

The best way to add new moves to your TRX training is to use your imagination and try different things.

The internet can also be a great resource to get additional ideas from other TRX users.

Safety – Just be careful about what you see and then try yourself as some moves may be unsafe until you are strong enough.

There should be no reason to say – My TRX workout is boring!

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