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Normatec at Liquidgym

NormaTec Recovery System is a cutting-edge, commercial grade compression device that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and/or recover.

The Normatec system helps:

  • Relieve muscle soreness
  • Increase circulation
  • Flush out lactic acid after a workout
  • Improve mobility

NormaTec was invented in 1998 by Dr. Laura Jacobs, a physician who also had a doctorate in engineering, in response to a desperate need for new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat circulation-related disorders. NormaTec has been an industry leader in pneumatic compression, providing improved mobility and profound healing results for thousands of patients.

Pneumatic medicine is the use of non-invasive, painless, dynamic pneumatic compression to treat venous insufficiency, non-healing wounds and chronic dermal disruption-type ulceration, lymphedema, or other peripheral vascular disorders. The core component of pneumatic medicine is the NormaTec Pulse Technology inflation-deflation pattern, which is a major technological improvement that goes well beyond simple intermittent compression. There are 3 indepadent syetems: arms and shoulder, hips and legs.


Using NormaTec’s full-length leg, arm, or hip compression attachments rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness. When used as part of a rehab protocol, NormaTec helps to speed recovery, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

LIQUIDGYM  In house session Pricing

30-minute session: $20
5 sessions, plus 1 free: $100
10 sessions, plus 2 free: $200

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