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Spring Loaded’s revolutionary knee braces do more than just stabilize or correct alignment of the knee. The bionic knee braces enhance leg muscle power by storing energy as you bend your knee and returning that energy as you straighten your leg.

Why the Levitation Brace may be right for you!

The Technology

Spring Loaded’s knee braces capture energy in what’s known as a liquid spring. These novel springs work by compressing the molecules of a silicon fluid to store energy.

Through an intensive research and development period lasting 4 years, the company was able to miniaturize the springs and embed them inside the arms of a traditional rigid shell knee brace. The result is the world’s only compact and powerful bionic knee brace capable of lifting your body weight while boosting your strength and performance.

Although the company uses only mechanical springs (rather than batteries and motors), the braces can exert similar forces to those found in robotic exoskeleton suits.

The bionic technology provides shock absorption as the knee is bent, and assists the quadriceps muscles as the knee is straightened. This increases quadriceps torque, strength and power while simultaneously reducing joint compression.

Users can rely on the bionic knee braces to help:

  • Promote proper lifting form
  • Enhance general mobility
  • Reduce joint compression
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Safely return to weight bearing
  • Expedite the rehabilitation of common knee injuries, knee osteoarthritis, and knee surgery
Spring-loaded Knee Brace


Levitation is the only knee brace capable of simultaneously offloading all three compartments of the knee during weight-bearing flexion. Research has shown that Levitation can immediately reduce tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joint loads by up to 50%.


Treatment guidelines recommend reducing joint load through strategies such as weight loss, which can be difficult to achieve for patients.  Levitation can reduce knee joint load to a level achieved by losing 45 lbs of body weight, reducing pain and allowing increased physical activity.


Research shows rapid improvements in pain, function, and quality of life with reduced dependence on pain medication. In fact, 95% of knee OA patients report reduced pain, 85% report improved function, 70% report increased physical activity, and 60% report reduced reliance on other treatments.

Trying the Brace

Before purchasing a brace you can try our demo samples and see for yourself if this is the right brace for you!

Fitting the brace

At LiquidGym we will fit the brace  and adjust the settings so it is ready to go when you walk out the door.

ABOUT Spring Loaded

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Spring Loaded thrives at the interface of research and development to build and deliver breakthrough technologies that help relieve pain and restore mobility for people everywhere. We design and manufacture high-tech mobility devices that allow more people from all over the world to overcome joint pain, reclaim an active lifestyle, and do more of what they love. Best known for creating the world’s first tri-compartment offloader knee braces, Spring Loaded offers a growing range of medical devices for commercial, government, and consumer applications.

Call LiquidGym to ask if the Levitation Brace is right for you!


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