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Offload your spine part II: Land exercise for spinal resilience

As mentioned in our previous post about low back pain (Offload your spine: Aquatic exercise for spinal resilience) low back pain is becoming increasingly common – we all know someone who has experienced a debilitating bout of back pain at one time or another. It has grown to become one of the greatest contributors to lost productivity yearly.

So what are some of the main causes of low back pain?

Often, there is no one specific cause – rather, a combination of the following can put you at greater risk of developing low back pain:

  • Prior history of back pain – a first episode often leads to recurrence in time
  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Heavy or frequent lifting
  • Greater time in loaded flexed spinal positions (sitting, for example)

How can LiquidGym help?

Here at LiquidGym, we have a number of specialized therapy and training equipment and strategies to help your address low back pain and increase the resilience of your spine – and not just in the water!

TRX Training System

The TRX system is a fantastic way to incorporate both full body balance and core stability into a low back pain program.

All strength levels can use the TRX system with tailored exercises.  Most importantly it is a valuable tool in assisting you to be biomechanically sound through good movement. In this way, the TRX system allows you to engage the core consistently in a protective manner, building strength, endurance, and resilience in the muscles supporting your spine.

Here are examples of core exercises using the TRX system:

Sit-to-Stand machine

For building up to other functional movements reliant on spinal stability, like the squat, a more specific sit-to-stand movement may be appropriate.


Finally, a series of core exercises focusing on stable and unmoving (isometric) positions are key to most core strength programs, helping to strengthen the core musculature without creating potentially harmful stress on the spine.

Who can help?

A physiotherapist, kinesiologist or athletic therapist can help guide you through the rehabilitation of your low back pain.

Call LiquidGym today to book with one of our health professionals
to get you back to feeling great again!



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Gavin Parsons

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