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33 videos showing 33 pieces of equipment used during training at LiquidGym

Let’s face it…

Personal training in a gym can get boring and humdrum if you are not careful.  It is easy to gravitate towards a few pieces of tried and true equipment and use them over and over again.

The key to a good workout is having fun yet still challenging yourself and that ultimately leaves you looking forward to your next workout.

As a trainer at LiquidGym, I’m going to give you a quick snapshot of how I use a wide variety of gym equipment to jazz things up.

Training Equipment at LiquidGym

The training equipment is categorized into 6 sections. Each section will have videos showing use of the equipment.


9 strength training exercises:


9 core exercises:


6 balance exercises:


3 cardio exercises:


3 agility exercises:


3 mobility exercises:

Be Adventurous

               …don’t just use a few standard pieces of gym equipment.  Look around the room, pick up a piece of equipment and add it to your workout. You will be surprised how it can change a boring gym workout into something fun!

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Sherry Carson
Running Coach/Personal Trainer

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