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Variety is key at your workout and/or rehab session at LiquidGym – check out the 33 videos!

The key to a good workout and/or rehab session is to be challenged and to improve whatever aspect of training you are working on.  At the same time it is critical to integrate fun into each session so you always look forward to your next session.

Our Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapist use a wide variety of gym equipment to keep your sessions interesting, challenging and never boring!

Highlights of some Training Equipment used at LiquidGym

The training equipment is categorized into 6 sections. Each section will have videos showing use of the equipment.


9 strength training exercises:


9 core exercises:


6 balance exercises:


3 cardio exercises:


3 agility exercises:


3 mobility exercises:

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Sherry Carson
Running Coach/Personal Trainer

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