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Preparing for your surgery? Rent your Game Ready System to help with your recovery!

Are you having Hip or Knee replacement surgery? Game Ready has led the way in recovery technology innovation for over two decades. The Game Ready System is the most effective therapeutic option for healing faster and recovering better after your surgery.

game ready system to help recover faster from your Hip or Knee replacement surgery

For post-operative recovery

The easy-to-use, portable GRPro® 2.1 cold and compression system is clinically proven to decrease pain, muscle spasms, and swelling, while improving key physical therapy milestones – naturally and without narcotics.

game ready system post surgery recovery
game ready system post surgery recovery
game ready system post surgery recovery


Game Ready’s active compression squeezes greater benefits out of cold therapy alone. Game Ready’s anatomic, circumferential wraps envelope the injury or surgery site and then conform to the contours of the body with pneumatic compression, assuring better surface contact and thus more effective cooling. Head-to-head infrared thermal imagery shows that Game Ready provides faster, deeper, and longer-lasting therapy than other products.

game ready system post surgery recovery how it woeks



Call LiquidGym to book your Game Ready system and have it shipped direct to your home!

game ready system post surgery recovery
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