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Jon has been golfing since he was 10 years old and has a deep passion for the sport of golf. Through his own injury and fitness journey he has managed pain, instability and tight muscles, all while performing at a high level on the golf course. He has played golf all over the world, regularly shoots in the 80s, even shooting 78 twice last summer! He is motivated to help others feel and play their best during each and every golf round.

Jon is our Golf Fitness 101 instructor and will help individuals prepare for this year’s golf season. Combining his golf experience with his personal training and kinesiology background it makes him an expert an how to improve your fitness and golf game.

Jon completed his Bachelor of Science with a major in Kinesiology at Memorial University in Newfoundland. He has since gained wide experience in the healthcare field, working as a physiotherapy assistant, physical rehab and movement analyst, personal trainer and vision therapist.

With 10 years’ experience working in these fields, Jon brings a deep understanding of how different body systems work together as a unit. Jon’s passion is helping people reach their goals by finding supportive and creative ways to ensure his client’s success.

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