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LiquidGym co-founder Irene, has always been on the move! In high school, she was a “gym and water rat,” which has followed her through her entire life. At the University of Toronto, she focused on competitive volleyball. On the side, she was a sports therapist and trainer.

After graduating from U of T’s Physical and Health Education and Bachelor of Education degree programs, Irene has been involved in senior management in for-profit and non-profit environments in the sport, medical/health and life sciences industries contributing to leadership training, education and program development. In addition, Irene has taken the Executive MBA program from York University and also trained in the Lean Six Sigma system – “Lean Six Sigma – a methodology that focuses on improving performance systematically removing waste and reducing variation”.

From Irene’s past experiences, she brings to LiquidGym coaching, leadership, education and the corporate aspect of effectively managing a business.

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