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LiquidGym co-founder Irene Hammerich has always been on the move! In high school, she was a “gym rat,” involved in many sports, including badminton, basketball and high jump. At University of Toronto, she focused on competitive volleyball. On the side, she was a sports therapist and trainer.

Irene’s leadership skills are undeniable. After graduating from U of T’s Physical and Health Education program, Irene worked in strength training, movement development and fitness. In schools across Ontario, she helped teachers and coaches develop their skills and resources, and she worked at the university level in Nova Scotia.

As a long-time, dedicated coach and teacher, Irene’s strong background in aquatics includes training swimmers of all levels, teaching aquafitness and adapted aquatics, and coaching Master’s-level competitive swimmers. Irene also swam competitively at the Master’s level.

At LiquidGym, Irene is Lead Trainer, working with her own clients, and supporting the development of LiquidGym’s team of trainers. She also develops the use of data in measuring and analyzing movement in client assessments and progression.

For many years, Irene has been involved in senior management in for-profit and non-profit environments, contributing to leadership training and program development. Irene has extensive certification in a range of disciplines, including Nordic Poling, CanFit Pro Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon Coach, Functional Movement Screen and Movement Patterns.

Capping it all off is Irene’s multimedia background in educational settings – a bonus for LiquidGym, where she uses media in training and education, and takes on significant roles in media production and development.

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