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Karen Snyder was born to bring a unique facility like LiquidGym from vision to reality. She has a strong background in physical education, entrepreneurship and adapted aquatics, plus a passion for sports and wellness. Karen’s skills and interests combine to ensure the success of LiquidGym, a place that changes the lives of people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Karen graduated from Acadia University’s Physical Education and Recreation program. She developed several aquatics programs in the Atlantic Provinces, including the Adapted Aquatics program for the Canadian Red Cross, New Brunswick Division.

Karen brings hearty doses of enthusiasm and creativity to everything she tackles, from programming and building relationships, to expanding markets and discovering new business opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, Karen ran several businesses, including a daycare supply company – Wise Kids, a business consulting firm – Business in a Box, and a multi-media web/cd development company.  In the mid 90’s Karen was the senior business consultant at the Ottawa-Carleton Entrepreneurship Centre. On a monthly basis, the Centre serviced 3,000 client inquiries through monthly business training seminars, business plan reviews, one on one consulting and managing the onsite resource centre.

What makes Karen unique is her relentless enthusiasm for discerning ways to help people meet their fitness and wellness goals. After a hockey injury in 2009, Karen learned first hand how effective hydrotherapy can be – not only for rehabilitation, but also for training and exercise. She thought, if this can help me, imagine what it can do for other people!

Karen decided to make in-water therapy, treatment and exercise available to people of all abilities. After much research, brainstorming and hard work, she co-founded and opened LiquidGym in November 2013.

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